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    • Working Principle of Water HeatersAlmost everyone uses a water heater in day to day life. But how many of us have the exact idea of how it works and how the cold water is converted to hot water? What are the elements that are used for this process?
    • The Basic Concept, Construction, and Working Principle of Hydraulic PumpsA fluid or hydraulic pump is a machine that transfers energy from its moving parts to the fluid passing through the pump. The energy transferred from the pump to the fluid appears as the pressure and velocity of the fluid. Find more basic details about hydraulic pumps here in this article.
    • What All Should You Know When Buying a Used CNC Lathe?It is a very attractive idea to buy a second hand or used CNC Lathe which would save you a significant sum of money. But it is worth the effort to spend some time taking a look at tips you would need to know when going for the deal.
    • What is a Viking Ship?Viking ship is a kind of ancient ship which was used by a group of Scandinavian people known as Vikings. Viking ships are supposed be known as one of the best ships of ancient time, mainly because of their usual design and great sea going capabilities.Read inside the article to know more about them.
    • Components of an Internal Combustion (IC) Engine - Part 2Most of the components of the spark ignition (SI) and compression ignition (CI) engines are the same. The important components of the engine are: cylinder block, cylinders, pistons, connecting rod, crankshaft, crankcase, etc. This is part two describing the important components in IC engines.